Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all activities of the group LIWAS spletne storitve, located at Dunajska 116, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter "LIWAS”) related to the transfer, the sorting and all other activities related to the transfer of postal parcels (hereinafter “parcels”) in Slovenia and abroad in cooperation with courier service providers selected by LIWAS.

LIWAS, spletne storitve d.o.o. is a limited liability company, regulating an online reservation system packagesender.com, with registration number 8049793000 and tax number SI 20259247. The online reservation system packagesender.com is a system which allows access to services of our partner courier providers from around the globe.

Terms and conditions apply to all contracts with LIWAS relating to the shipment of parcels. LIWAS reserves the right to unilaterally and without prior notice make modifications or supplements to their services or these Terms and conditions. LIWAS is only bound by the updated electronic version of these terms and conditions, available on the website packagesender.com.

Article 1


LIWAS: intermediary between partner courier services as service providers and clients that seek a service;
Partner: contractual partner of the LIWAS, which is a service provider as a partner courier service;
Client: legal or natural person, who as a service seeker orders a shipment of a package(s) or document(s) through LIWAS;
Package: parcel prepared by the sender that they wish to ship to the recipient;
Sender: the person who sends a package to the recipient;
Recipient: the person to whom the package is intended;
Courier: the person sent by the courier provider to collect the package at the address the sender provided;
Weight: the real weight of the parcel.

Article 2


LIWAS in cooperation with their partners delivers packages weighing a maximum of 50 kg and documents up to 2 kg across the globe. The client must make sure that the package is appropriately packaged and should consider that packages should not exceed 175 cm in length or 3 m in general (L+2(W+H)). The courier reserves the right to refuse the transportation of a parcel if the measurements exceed the listed values, the costs are covered by the client.
The client undertakes to assure that package is soundly and securely packaged before collection into one piece or in as many as they listed when they submitted the order, and to hand over the package in the condition they undertook to when they submitted the order, which also applies in the case when the client and the sender are not the same person.

If the client ships more packages, or a package which is heavier or larger than they listed when submitting the order, it is a unilateral modification to the order and the client agrees that LIWAS can charge in addition to extra parcels, weight or size of the package also additional administrative costs in the amount of 10 EUR for each order. LIWAS will charge this amount to the client's credit card, which was used to pay for the order or send a bill, which the client will have to pay eight (8) days after they receive it. If not, an action for enforcement will be filed and the client will be additionally charged for the costs of the enforcement proceedings.

Article 3

Prepovedani predmeti

When the client receives these Terms and conditions, they agree with the list of prohibited items listed hereinafter and agree to never ship these items under no condition, because the shipment of these items is either prohibited in the terms and conditions of our partner courier providers or by law in the shipping or delivering country. The client also undertakes to not ship any stolen items or items which are not in free circulation in accordance with the applicable law of the European Union.

Prohibited items are:

  • animals and animal products,
  • firearms and ammunition,
  • dangerous substances and dangerous items,
  • flowers and other plants,
  • human remains and urns,
  • illegal items,
  • medical samples,
  • goods that require controlled-temperature shipping,
  • pornography,
  • prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical products,
  • tobacco,
  • consumables (including liquids),
  • aerosols,
  • items of great value,
  • items with sentimental value,
  • fragile items or items made from easily breakable materials,
  • items that can damage other shipments during transport,
  • for air transport: lithium ion and lithium metal batteries are prohibited in accordance with the regulation (EC) No 300/2008 of 11th March 2008 and its amended rules,
  • and goods that fall under European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and should be shipped as dangerous goods.

LIWAS reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw from the client's order if it is discovered that the contents of the shipment are not in accordance with the aforementioned restrictions and prohibitions listed of these Terms and conditions or that the client is a reseller or unregistered seller. In this event, the costs are covered by the client.

The client explicitly guarantees that by submitting an order to LIWAS they confirm that the contents of the package does not include prohibited or restricted items listed in these Terms and conditions.

Article 4

Range of services

LIWAS is an intermediary between clients that wish to ship packages or documents and partners that perform these services as couriers. LIWAS undertakes to provide their clients with the cheapest and fastest manner of shipping packages or documents. Clients can enter into collaboration via webpage packagesender.com, where they can submit their order. The client undertakes to provide real information and to comply with articles of these Terms and conditions.

Article 5

Confirmation and cancellation of the order

When a client submits their order on packagesender.com, they must provide real information about the package (amount, weight and size), accurate and complete information about the sender and recipient, and list the date of collection, which can change. The change depends on the partner courier provider and not LIWAS. The client should then choose method of payment and complete the payment. After the order is submitted, LIWAS confirms the reception of the order and passes the information to their partners. The client receives a confirmation e-mail to the address they listed with the order and tracking number which they can use to track their order online on packagesender.com. Should the client notice any discrepancies, they should immediately inform LIWAS. LIWAS should process the order as soon as possible and arrange the collection with the courier, who then informs the client about the collection date.

Article 6


The client makes a payment for the services they perform on pacakgesender.com. This can be done when they are submitting an order in one of three ways: with a valid debit or credit card with enough resources to successfully complete the payment, through PayPal where the client is registered, or through bank transfer with order of payment, in this case, the order is confirmed after the complete payment has been received by LIWAS or if the confirmation of payment is sent to the e-mail info@packagesender.com and from which the client then receives information on all details of the order. Cash on delivery is not possible.

In addition to the purchase price, the client is also responsible to cover all taxes and other public duties related to the shipment of goods (including but not limited to customs, excise duties and other taxes) and is obliged to settle them immediately. If, for whatever reason, any of these expenses, losses or taxes and other public duties are covered by LIWAS for the client, the client's credit card which was used to pay for the service will be charged for the amount paid by LIWAS.

Article 7

Collecting and delivering the shipment

On the day of the collection set by the client, the courier of the partner courier provider visits the address the sender listed on the order information. The sender must ensure that the identification label which they received in the email is visibly placed on the package, so there is no chance for confusion or mistake for delivery, and that the package is appropriately packaged, which includes that no damage can be made to the contents of the package even if dropped from 100 cm. In the case that the package is not appropriately packaged, the insurance of the relevant partner courier provider is void, and the client cannot ask for a refund. The collection spot (address) should be easily accessible, the courier should have the ability to park their vehicle 25 m from the collection address and to collect the package at the main entrance. The courier can call the client or the sender on the number listed in the order information or on the intercom. The courier then takes the package to the collection centre, where it is directed towards the recipient. If the recipient does not take the package, the courier provider responds in accordance with their terms and conditions valid in the country of the recipient. The package can be collected by a third person situated at the address listed in the order information, if there is no valid reason to refuse the delivery.

If the client is shipping or receiving a package from third world countries, they should be aware that all shipments must go through the customs procedure. This can lead to additional expenses which must be covered by the client and are not included in the price the client paid upon submitting the order. Only after the customs or other public duties are paid will the package be shipped forward. The courier will deliver the package as soon as possible and upon prior notice. The courier is only obliged to deliver the package to the main entrance of the building and not to the door where the recipient lives. The recipient has the right to refuse the acceptance of the delivery. In this event, the package is returned to sender at the client's expense. In the event of an unwarranted refusal, determined solely by LIWAS, any additional expenses are charged to the client.

If the client provides an alternative delivery address which is different to the seat or residence of the recipient, the package is delivered at the alternative address.

Article 8

Delivery time

Delivery times are listed on packagesender.com and are for orientation only. The precise delivery date is impossible to predict, which is why the dates are estimated. Delivery time depends on the country of the sender and the country of the recipient and on the size and weight of the package, and, of course, on unforeseeable circumstances. It is in everyone's best interest to deliver the package on time.
By agreeing to these Terms and conditions, the client confirms that they are informed about the possibility of delays in collection and delivery of the package and understands and consents that delays in delivery of the package are also possible due to customs and other administrative procedures. LIWAS reserves the right to demand a reimbursement from the client for the expenses related to the customs process.

LIWAS is a commissioner and only an intermediary between a client a partner courier provider as a service provider and is no way responsible for any delays in the process of collection or delivery of the package and is also not responsible for any damages that could occur as a result of a loss, damage or destruction of the package. Any possible damages or delays in the process of collecting and delivering the package fall under the responsibility of the courier service providers. LIWAS is only responsible for the selection of partners as courier service providers.

Article 9

Opening and returns

LIWAS and partners undertake that they will not open the packages unless in case of emergency, if the contents of the package needs to be protected, if it is the only way to identify the sender or the recipient, if it is to help prevent the risk of danger to people or property, to verify if the package contains perishable goods or any other goods restricted by these Terms and Conditions, if the goods require immediate use or if the value of the goods do not justify the cost of storage. It is possible that the package will be opened in the customs procedure to verify the value and credibility of the package.

In the event of unsuccessful delivery (refusal or if the recipient cannot be located), the package is returned to sender, who covers the expenses. If the client refuses to pay the customs and LIWAS does not receive confirmation of payment in eight (8) days after receiving notice about the payment of customs or other public duties, the client waives the claim to the package and releases it to LIWAS.

Article 10

Customer support

Clients can address their questions, complaints and/or praises to LIWAS group to our customer support email info@packagesender.com.

The aforementioned address should also be used to communicate any changes to the already submitted orders.

Article 11

Insurance and complaints

LIWAS does not offer parcel insurance. This is offered by partner courier providers or insurance companies, where clients can pay additional costs for insurance.

The client can track their shipment with the number they received in the email. In the event the status of the shipment does not change, they should immediately contact LIWAS which will then contact the relevant courier provider.

Article 12

Privacy policy

LIWAS undertakes to use the information about the sender and the recipient only for the purpose of performing the service and will pass the information only to the partners performing the service.

Article 13

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and conditions are interpreted under the law of the Republic of Slovenia. In case of any disputes, they will be resolved by the courts of the Republic of Slovenia, unless mandatory rules of the country in which the customer is domiciled specify otherwise.

This version of Terms and conditions enters into force on 12th December 2017, changed on 23.6.2022.